The Bratt Bat: The premier weighted training bat
for Softball and Baseball Training

The Bratt Bat is a unique weighted training bat used during training and in the on-deck circle.

Unlike doughnuts or other outdated training aids, its patented design distributes the weight along the length of the bat giving it the balance and feel of your hitting bat.

The revolutionary design of the Bratt Bat evenly distributes swing weight throughout the bat as opposed to just the end of the bat which you get with a weighted doughnut. This bat will loosen your hitting muscles while strengthening them. Your hands, wrist, and arms benefit the most from work with the Bratt Bat.

Working with the Bratt Bat develops dynamic strength, which to a hitter means quickness and power. Studies have been done to prove that this training device can add over ten MPH to your swing. Hitters of all ages and levels of play are marveling at the difference the Bratt Bat can make to your offensive game. The Bratt Bat will add points to both your batting average and slugging percentage.

The Lexan plastic tube and hard wood handle used in the manufacturing process makes the Bratt Bat virtually indestructible and much safer than weighted doughnuts or other products that can slip off and cause injury if used improperly.

The Bratt bat is available in a variety of lengths and weights and can be used by players of all ages to improve their bat speed

  • Unique patented design increases bat speed and power
  • Used in training and on-deck for baseball or softball
  • Add 30 feet to a 300 foot fly ball
  • Great station with tee, toss or live pitches
  • Builds most "baseball muscles"!
  • Best for ages 8 and up
  • Used by Over 250 Major Leaguers
  • Used by professional baseball players since the record breaking year of 1977
  • Increase batting averages by adding speed and power to your swing
  • Helped set the Major League home run records in 1977, 1986, 1996 & 1998!
  • Virtually indestructible - one of the safest on-deck products available


For more information on how to use the Bratt Bat check out our “training tips” page

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