Selecting the right Bratt Bat: the premier weighted training bat

The bats range in size from 29 to 35 inches and in weight from 35-100 oz. They come in the following lengths and sizes:

Length (in) Weights (oz)
29 inch 35 oz, 40 oz, 45 oz
31 inch 50 oz
32 inch 55 oz
34 inch 60 oz, 65 oz
35 inch

70 oz, 75 oz, 80 oz,
90 oz, 100 oz

When choosing a bat, you should choose a bat similar in length to the bat you swing at the plate. This will help develop a more powerful, quick swing. As a starting point, try doubling the weight of your regular bat and then moving up or down in weight depending on what level of work-out you want to train with. Below are some suggestions for bat sizes based on age group, to be adjusted as required.

Age Bat Length Bat Weight
6-7 29 35
8-9 29 40-45
10-12 29-31 45-50
13-15 32-34 55-60
16-18 34-35 65-75
18 and up 35 65-100

The table above is a rough guide for selecting the weight of your Bratt's Bat. A large ball player may want to choose a heavier size than listed for their age group. Pre-puberty players should not, however, consider moving to a heavier bat.

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