Training Tips for the Bratt Bat:
The premier weighted training bat

The first key to remember is that proper swing mechanics must be used for every swing with any training product. A bad swing produces bad muscle memory and it can take several correct swings to overcome. Only practice as long as you are producing consecutive good swings in a row ... then take a break! It will only hurt you if you continue to practice bad swings because you are tired or not focused.

The Bratt Bat is a practice bat and is not meant to be used with regular baseballs. Like most training bats, the bat is used to practice swing mechanics and muscle development, not to hit actual baseballs. The bat can be used with tennis balls to practice and this is an effective way to combine swing power with targeting.

Hitting tennis balls makes for a great training station. Players must focus on hitting the balls even while the bat is becoming "heavier" as their muscles become tired. The tennis balls provides a great way to focus on target hitting but still allowing the player to swing through the ball because of the low ball mass.

When properly used the Bratt bat will increase your hitting strength and bat speed. The bat is most effective when used as an addition to regular weight training to get total body strength. Flexibility is also very important it will be very helpful to work on a flexibility program as well to help increase range of motion and therefor speed.

  1. Focus on your swing mechanics
  2. Stop when you are too tired to swing properly
  3. Use tennis balls to practice targeting, not baseballs
  4. Use as part of a regular weight training program to build all your muscles
  5. Use the Bratt Bat for muscle training, use your game bat for timing training

T balls, soft toss with tennis balls, or just dry swings. The Bratt Bat should be used during muscle training and not for timing or fast pitching drills. The bat is obviously heavier in order to build arm strength, but this slows down your swing during practice will change the timing of your hits. Timing practice, performed with regular pitches and normal baseballs, should only be done with your game bat.

However you end up using the Bratt Bat in your training program, it is best to vary your training sessions each day. Use different training exercises, alternate the order of your exercises, etc.

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